Minority Access' International Delegation

Minority Access hosts international travel for Minority Access Associates and their guests for the purpose of examining diversity issues in other countries with particular interest in gaining insight into the impact diversity has on higher education systems and the sharing and comparing of diversity issues facing educational institutions and society in general. Participants meet with university administrators, faculty and students, top government officials and others who offer enlightening perspectives on the host country's practices and history. These exchanges often serve as the foundation for establishing international collaborations that include, but not limited to, student and faculty exchange programs, scholarships and internships, research and health initiatives, resolutions to domestic and international issues affecting global advancements and other projects for expanded outreach.

In addition to the interaction with educational leaders and top government officials, participants in the international seminar are accorded luxurious five star hotel accommodations, comparable five star dining and escorted private tours of some of the country's national treasures.

Excluding private expenses, participation is FREE for one representative of a Premier Associate. Other guests participate at the discounted list rate of travel.